It seems that webhooks are no longer available to use in the app? Or am I missing something?



  • Can't find it either.  Had a cool App using it.   Cannot even devise a workaround.   I vote to bring it back.


  • Thought I was going crazy. Deleted and reinstalled app on Android. Old webhooks work. Was trying to create another.

  • Webhooks are gone for me, also. This app has become worthless and a comedy of errors. The Chamberlain MyQ integration was broken for many many months and the devs made no posts or answered any support questions about it. Last week they sent out an email in answer to support requests saying it was fixed. Great! I went to re-enable my IFTTT <-> Simple Commands setup to open my garage door only to discover that webhooks were now missing. There's no information on this site about that. Yet there are still informational pages about how to use webhooks.

    Of course, I'm on Android so I can't skip IFTTT and use the geo-triggers in Simple Commands because those have never worked on Android, even though the devs said 2+ years ago they would be enabled 'shortly'.

    It's time to dump this piece of trash and figure out a different solution.

  • Agreed. SC has become worthless.


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