Cannot link to MYQ

I have had my 3 garage doors linked to MYQ through Simple Commands for over a year. I was then able to use Alexa to open/close each of the 3 doors individually. Several weeks ago when I asked Alexa to open or close any of the 3 doors, she accepted the request but nothing would happen. When I went into my Simple Commands it said I had lost the connection to MYQ and to just click a button that was there and it would reestablish the link. But when I clicked, nothing happened. The link was never reestablished. Now when I go into my Simple Commands Dashboard, and try to Add/Remove Items, MYQ Openers is listed and I go through the process of logging in to MYQ but it never links. It says it did and that my MYQ openers should appear but they don't. And when I look at the Manage Items screen, all the apps that I've successfully linked say "Manage" next to them but the MYQ Openers still says "ADD". I've sent for help to Simple Commands but have never received a response. Any suggestions as to why I can no longer link to MYQ?




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