Will there be an update from SimpleCommands for myQ? My account will no longer “link”. Hopefully so! 😀


  • I used Github rjcohn/Alexa-pymyq without a hitch...after I figured that I needed to grab the various jsons at the beginning as I worked my way down. I first copied the directions into notepad so I could keep track of what I named everything and zipped right through. 30 minutes and my doors work with Alexa again. Of course there's no long-term guarantee on this option either. Thank you very much whoever in this rather long thread pointed me there. You are wonderful!

  • Yeah this has taken a lot longer than in the past. I think this is the third or fourth time I've been in this scenario. I'm on android, without having to read through this entire thread has anyone found a different work around? Really miss not having my garage automated. :/

  • Aircomba...that's pretty much all we have been talking about today is a workaround by creating a "custom skill" in Alexa....Scroll up to Salam's post on how to do it.....Several of us have automated our doors now today via least it's a resolution...

  • Awesome I'll check it out. Thank you

  • Hi all,

    Big thanks to all for the input here! I followed the instruction above and the doors work perfectly. Yes, I said doors. I followed Salam's advice:

    "If I had two doors, I’d probably setup two skills - one for “garage door left”, and one for “garage door right” (or however you want to name them).  You’d need to change line 28 (see step 7) on the left one to:
        return result.devices[0].serial_number;

    and the right one to:
        return result.devices[1].serial_number;

    (or maybe the reverse of that)."

    I created two skills and gave them different invocation names along with making the change suggested to line 28 and both garage doors work perfectly.

    Thank you!!!!

  • Awesome!  So glad that worked!!!

  • Hello everyone, I followed this post because like all of you my SC app failed with MyQ. It seems most of you were following the “Alexa” path and seemed to have found a workaround with all of the above comments using a GitHub link. However I was using and still prefer to use Siri to open my Q garage door. I had it all working lovely until the recent break between Sc and MyQ so are there any lovely people out there that have a workaround for Siri ? Please do not suggest the MyQ smart hub as I know that does not work a lot of the time
    Thank you in advance

  • Curious. How many in this thread just want to use a voice assistant (Alexa or Siri for example) to control the garage? If you don't want geofencing for a non-interactive (read non-voice) there are Siri Shortcuts on Reddit The only thing that has to be changed is the MyQ API key (to JVM/G9Nwih5BwKgNCjLxiFUQxQijAebyyg8QUHr7JOrP+tuPb8iHfRHKwTmDzHOu) (and of course add your MyQ email account and password for same) and one can ask Siri through Apple Watch or iPhone (iPhone is more reliable) to open or close the MyQ. You can set an automation geofence for Siri, but due to Apple privacy, a notification will/should come up on Watch and iPhone and you have click to run, not quite non-interactive but close.

    If one wants geofencing, Siri Shortcuts and Alexa don't play well together, but you can use SmartThings with Alexa just like SC with Alexa. The SmartThings link is

  • I def want it for the geofencing automation. I don’t think I use my voice much to control it. Closest I got to that was having a hot key on my watch that would open/close it but for me it’s all about having it open as I’m pulling into the driveway. Which it did beautifully. I even got fancy for some set days/timeframes where I would have Alexa do a bit or start some music for me etc. Really liked that. Hoping these steps work for me, about to give it a go

  • Perfect!! Thanks I have managed to get my MyQ garage door to open and close via Siri thanks to your guidance 😊😊😊

  • Yup worked for me. Gonna take a closer look at the code tomorrow to see if I can't figure out how to change the command needed. I don't want to "ask" garage door to do anything. I just want to command it. Alexa! Open the garage door!! :D

  • For me, voice control and geofencing are equally as important and something I’ve got incredibly used to having. This is why the SC break is such an issue for many of us. Sure the MyQ app still worked, but no one uses that in practice. It’s slow to launch as well.

    Pulling down my street and having my garage open is probably a notch higher on the list than voice.

    Thanks again Salam, you saved the day with your detailed instructions. I have one double wide door as well and have to change line 28 as well.

  • Yup had to change line 28. Without that garage door was undefined.

  • Correct, which was the message Alexa gave me on testing before I changed it.

  • Does this skill work in Canada? My Alexa account is tied to not the US .com site.

  • Just wanted to mention that if you prefer saying “open garage door” instead of “ask garage door to open”, you can simply create a Routine based on Voice saying “open garage door” or whatever you like.  Same goes for the geofencing - it looks like you can creat a routine based on Location and set it up to open the door.  

    I haven’t tried the Location-based routine, but the voice-base one works fine.  My garage is setup as a wood shop - no cars allowed!  😀

  • Same here Salam.  I created four routines immediately and all work:

    "Open Garage Door"  (with "Alexa ask garage door to open" as the custom voice action)

    "Close Garage Door" (with "Alexa ask garage door to close" as the custom voice action)

    Open Garage Door When Home (same as #1 with location trigger)

    Close Garage Door When I Leave Home (same as #2 with location trigger)


    First time I used the Custom feature.  Interesting, #1 and #2 require a "From" device (Echo) to be  tagged, I used "the device you speak to.  For #3 and #4, it required this as well, but device you speak to isn't listed with all my echo's, so I went with Garage Echo.  Not really speaking to any of them and not really sure if tagging a device matters.

  • Great Zook33!  I'm glad the location triggers worked correctly.  I think someone asked about it earlier, so it's good to have it confirmed.

  • "Yup worked for me. Gonna take a closer look at the code tomorrow to see if I can't figure out how to change the command needed. I don't want to "ask" garage door to do anything. I just want to command it. Alexa! Open the garage door!! :D" can absolutely do that.....Set up your routine this way:

    Routine Name: Open Garage
    When you Say: "Alexa, open the garage"
    Custom Action: "Ask alexa to open my garage"  <-- Whatever you named it in the setup/innvocation

  • SwiftyRox you won't have to change a single line of code to be able to say, "Alexa, open garage" just create a routine as mentioned here Look for the comment from CR describing the exact method. Works a charm. Was using that with SC and Alexa until MyQ broke in SC. And, you can even setup a Location trigger routine which won't involve you having to say a thing.

  • Confirming the use of SmartThings with MyQ and Alexa to absolutely automate an open garage (I don't use close garage) by a Location trigger.

  • I believe her post was saying the same thing.  Notice the "quotes", she was delivering the same message to another poster I believe.

    With regard to your #2 post above, this whole thread is about SC and MyQ being broken, but YES, you could have used SC to have Alexa "Open" the garage door, but not anymore.


  • D. Evan...I never said change any line of code....I was simply outlining that you can use any "spoken" command you want when you create the routine....You can say "Alexa, Let the dog out", but still have the custom command to run the "Ask" Alexa element.....

    Zook33.....I'm a dude.....LOL!! Sorry the long hair threw you off....

  • My bad. Reread it. See your point Zook33. My apologies to SwiftyRox

    Zook33 do you mean you can't use SC with Alexa anymore (at least until SC is fixed?) Yes, it's a moot point at the moment but hopefully with folks creating custom Alexa skills or using SmartThings it's all back. 

    Kind of amazed several folks figured out a way around this the same time. I'm keeping links to all kind of notes around the solutions....just in case.

  • SORRY SwiftyRox!  Between the small avatar, my aging eyes and your username....My bad "Pal"  :-)

  • I alreadyt had the location routine which is working. Don't know why I didn't think of using the write in custom routine to reference the saying. So easy .

  • D. Evan....Yes...the "break" in SC w/ MyQ is what started all of this as it seems it's a recurring issue over time. MyQ finds Khloee/SC finding a backdoor to access the API in order to offer us convenience...LOL!! In the past they have been successful at sorting it all out and it starts working again, and then eventually the fox is outsmarted again...

    Now that I know this Custom Skill creation thing, I will just use this moving forward unless something happens with it as well...My issue is that I had setup the MyQ/SC connection with a couple friends and they are reduced to the MyQ app for now until I can get to them and set this all up for them as well...Time will tell if khloee/sc can figure out a fix for those maybe not so inclined to do the Custom Skill creation steps...

  • "I alreadyt had the location routine which is working. Don't know why I didn't think of using the write in custom routine to reference the saying. So easy ."

    Aircomba....Glad you are on your way now!! This whole process was a godsend!! 

  • We need a subreddit for when this custom Amazon Skill eventually breaks due to MyQ changing its API and posting here in the SimpleCommands community asking for help no longer makes sense :)

    Maybe by that time MyQ will actually have its own approved Alexa Skill for its customers to use! What a wild concept!

  • When I first started looking at MyQ automation, I believe there was a MyQ Alexa skill. It might have been what MyQ used to call Premium and there was a charge to use it. I think that's when I found SC. 

    The code for the solution I'm now using with SmartThings I think is from 2018; maybe earlier even. If that breaks, given the amount of time I invested getting it to work, I'll look at the custom Alexa skill. 

    I've been browsing the web nearly daily since the SC skill crapped out (it has before as others have mentioned). I'm just glad to be done with it for now. My one big wish, will never come true I think, is Apple making the location skill non-interactive. They do the same with several automations (see the last link on this page.)


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