Simple Commands still working and supported?

Recently, all my ring devices no longer work via Simple Commands. I have a Ring Alarm that I also use as a Z Wave Hub. Simple Commands allows these devices to be controlled from Google Home. I have lots of routines in both Simple Commands and Alexa app, as well as a few in Google Home. It seems each has their own nuances of what they can do, hence why I am all over. Anyway, I changed the email to my Ring account and I think this broke the association between Ring and Simple Commands. However, I see no way to fix without removing my account and then adding back with updated email, which then I lose all routines I have setup. I was hoping there is an easier way as this would have lots of downstream effects. I have opened 3 support tickets with no response. I really like the product and it has mostly worked well for me, but it seems to be slowly fading in to the sunset? Is it time to look at a physical hub?



  • Not sure if coincidence or not, but within an hour of posting this, Brian reached out from support and was able to provide a link that allowed me to re-authenticate and get my devices connected.

  • Hi,

    I am having exactly the same problem as Aaron, I have also opened support tickets and had no reply. The problem only started when I changed my Ring account password (2 step verification) and only affects the routines I have set up for Ring.

    If Brian is around, a re authtication link would be great..


  • Did you ever get resolved? I did submit a ticket also, not sure what worked.

  • No response at all, either they are not interested or they can't overcome the Ring 2 step verification, but it would be nice if they would at least acknowledge there is a problem...

  • There is an easy way now to set up schedules in Alexa, ie automatically Arm Ring alarm at say 11pm and disarm at say 7am.

    1. create a routine

    2. set schedule 11pm

    3.add action/customised

    4.type in "arm ring"

    To disarm is similar, just type in "disarm ring 1234" (4 digit Ring code),  works great!

    I know this is bypassing SC, but if SC had offered support and been straight, then no one would be trying to make their devices work in alternative ways. But c'est la vie...


  • I haven't found another way to integrate with Ring Alarm z-wave devices and ST besides rolling my own homekit which is probably better.  I really hope this continues to be supported as it is a decent GLUE between the two.


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