Ring Alarm connection - unable to change alarm status (Arm Home, Arm Away, Disarm, etc.)

I am not longer able to change the status of my Ring Alarm. I was using a routine to do this but the routine is no longer working. Also, if I go into the Ring connection and click on the Alarm, which allows you to manually arm/disarm the alarm, it does not change the status even though SimpleCommands says it's changed. When I close the Alarm box and re-open, it shows the status it was before the change. I removed the Ring connection and signed in again without luck. 



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    Hi: Can you send an email to brianwalker@kloee.com and include the email address for your SimpleCommands account and we will take a look.

  • I have the same issue. Brand new to both Ring and SimpleCommands.

    I can use SC to set the status to Home or Disarmed, but cannot set to Away.

    Shall I also email you?

  • I’m also having this same issue. I used to have the geo location trigger for my ring alarm. It stopped working but I was still able to change the status prior to the update. Now with this new update I’m only able to arm home or disarm.

  • Same here! Geo triggers do not work and routines not working either! Pretty disappointed and there is NO benefit using Ring alarm with this app..


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