Is SimpleCommands still supported?

I had successfully used SimpleCommands to use Ring device triggers for Smartthings actions (i.e. Ring motion sensor triggers smarthings light to come on).  This stopped working a couple of weeks ago.  I have pinged support twice with no response, and now I see this forum has had few or no responses in months.  

Is this app dead?



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    SimpleCommands is still supported.  What are you having trouble with?

  • I am going to assume that you have taken a break for the last couple of months?...I will also post/respond in the "Newbie Question" thread, as Eric J Crammer just posted there an hour after you replied to this post.  Not sure why you are asking what I am having trouble with, as my initial post describes the problem: Create Ring device triggers for smarthings events, i.e. a ring motion sensor detects motion, this triggers smarthings to turn on a light.  The thing is, these triggers were working fine from 2/27/20 till about 5/1/20 then just stopped working.  In late June, early July, they suddenly started working again.  One other important point, when I first wrote the triggers in February, they did NOT work for a couple days and then suddenly, voila'.  So this behavior has occurred before, just not on the time scale of the most recent event.


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