Close All Garage Doors - but will only close one?

First up... wow! Thanks for making a great solution to work with MyQ.

I've got the Alexa integration working well for my two doors. I can open/close and close each individually. I've enabled Alexa location services and also tried the built in SC location triggers. Working great!!

I have a routine in SC called "close both doors" with a trigger to close both doors. I have another that opens both doors.

It appears however that the open/close can't trigger both doors when they're in the same SC routine.

I also tried adding two scenes (close for each door) to an Alexa routine but only one door closes.

I'll also mention I'm using one single MyQ Hub to control two separate doors.

Curious if this is a known limitation or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!



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    In the most recent update garage door groups will handle more than one door.  This is true for when the command is run in the SimpleCommands dashboard and when the command is run via alexa with the SimpleCommands skill. 

  • Hi bottsjw,

    This is not a limitation set by us. Let me take a look and see if we can figure out what is going on. Stay tuned!



  • Hey, Brian Walker, any progress with this? I tried an “open both” routine today and it only appears to open one door.

  • Hi:

    I have tested this successfully on our end.   I created a group in SImpleCommands and added two garage door items to the group.   When I select the group in our app and choose close both doors close.  Are you trying this a different way?

  • Actually I was doing it differently. I had a routine with both doors as actions.
    I built a group with the doors and replaced the two doors with a group. But the same result. Only one door opens. If I run the routine again the other door opens (I see the alert that the first is already open)
    I’ll mention that both doors are connected to the same hub. Is this how your test configuration is set up?

  • I had been following this with similar results.  1. I have created a group with my two garage door items.  As Bottsjw noted it will open both only by pressing the open on the group two times and does the same with closing BUT I had to press close multiple times for it to work. To be able to use with Alexa or Siri, I must be able to create a routine.  When the group (with both garage door items are added to the routine), it will only open or close one door (my observation is the first one listed).  The ONLY way I have  gotten it to work for both doors is to add each garage door item to a routine AND adding a delay to the second item of 1 minute (which is the smallest increment allowed.).    I am beginning to wonder if the problem in with the hub's ability to process multiple commands especially on close.  I tried a couple things:  a.) to possibly add a delay: a created a routine and added the Group open multiple times with no change.  b.) I also sat in garage using simple commands directly to execute each Door routine one and then the other and it opened the doors.  When I attempted the close, I had to hit close multiple times. Just by observation I wonder it the beeper warning is not using most of the cycles for the close and it ignores the command until the door is almost closed.   I am using a Chamberlin Smart Garage Hub... will have to climb up to get the model.

  • When I add the MyQ - Openers integration, it only adds one item. My MyQ interface controls two different homes, but the item it adds is not for the home I’m trying to control. Is there no way to control which door is being selected from my MyQ connection?


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