How to get garage door status using Alexa linked to SimpleCommands Scene


I have the integration working with my garage door (myq) via Simplecommands. I created routines in SC for open, close and status events for the garage door item, discovered the synced scenes in Alexa and linked them to routines in Alexa for open and close of door. However, for the status event - just running the routine in Alexa for the door status does not do anything - other than responding with "OK". How can I get the status of the garage door via Alexa? Natural way would be asking Alexa if door1 is open, closed, etc.. or something like "Alexa, door1 status". All else, works very well.

Another related question is also how to add a pin to the routine in Alexa for the garage door open. I know this is not an Alexa forum, but a previous post said they had accomplished that, so I am also interested to know.




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    You can add the alexa skill 'home status' which works with simple commands.  After adding and link the skill just say 'alexa, get home status'

    It should tell you if the door(s) are open or closed.

  • Hi Armenak,

    We are working on creating custom voice responses for our Alexa integration. Before that is done Alexa will not be able to relay the status of your garage door. I suggest running the close command if you concerned if your garage door is open.

    As for adding a pin to the routine it looks like you hit the nail on the head. That is done on the Alexa side and not on the SimpleCommands side, so an Alexa forum would be the place for that question. I saw your post in the other thread about it, hopefully Bill responses to your question so you can set it up yourself.

  • What is the ETC on the integration to get the MyQ garage door status?

  • Hi Manuel,

    I currently do not have an update in regards to customized command responses with our Alexa skill (which is needed to add the status command). I will be sure to reach out to you with any updates on this matter. Thank you for your patience.

  • I'm interested in this as well. Any newer updates?


  • Hi John,

    No updates yet but I will keep you all posted with our progress!

  • Please keep me in the loop on this as well, please. My son-in-law gets his Garage Door status from Apple Homekit, but I use an Alexa ecosystem. Thank you

  • I am delighted with the reliability and functionality of SimpleCommands in opening and closing my Chamberlain garage door openers.  Like many other users, I would very much like an ability to status check my doors through Alexa.  Let me know when we can do this!

  • What Keith said....

  • Hi Mr. Thompson, same issue. Open/close work great, but asking for status simply results in “ok”. I’d love to be able to get the garage door status after laying in bed and wondering if I closed the garage door. Any updates? I really appreciate any help!!

  • Hi Brian,

    No update yet! But I will follow up as soon as there is one!


  • Anxious for this one too. Hoping there is an update soon. :) Got MyQ working great otherwise. Thank you for the awesome integration.

  • Would like to have this, too.  Any update?

    Opening and closing the garage works well, thanks.

    Maybe you guys could do something simple that just provides a simple test 'is garage door open', which could be used with something like IFTTT.  That would be good enough for me.

  • so far I am finding this a very cumbersome app.
    I finally got Home Status to work... I think.  Support does not answer.

    I can use: "Alexa, ask Home Status my garage door state" and it will tell me if the garage door is open or closed.

    Hope this helps.


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