Troubleshooting myQ Integration

Step 1: Delete the myQ connection from your SimpleCommands account
Step 2: Delete the SimpleCommands app from your iPhone or Android device (Note: if using the SimpleCommands web dashboard then please log out of the dashboard and clear your browser cache before continuing.
Step 3:  Re-add the SimpleCommands app to your device and log back in.
Step 4:  Re-add the SimpleCommands myQ connection.
Step 5:  Re-establish groups and routines that were deleted when you removed the myQ connection in SimpleCommands.
Step 6: Proceed to use your myQ device via SimpleCommands (support is active for in-app, Apple Watch, Alexa, SMS, and Apple Shortcuts).
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  • Brian, I tried all this and I can't get it to work? I can initiate open/close from the Simple Commands app but nothing from Alexa. What can I check. skills and routines are there.

  • To get the new connection to work with Alexa so you can open/close your garage, here is what I did

    1. Follow the steps above to link SImpleCommands to MyQ
    2. In SimpleCommands, create the Routines to open and close the garage doors.
    3. "Add Routine" --> Name it something like Open the garage door --> Select the garage door and click add --> click open/close as needed
    4. Save the routine
    5. Go into the Alexa app and re-add the SimpleCommands skill (if not already) and log in
    6. Go to Routines
    7. Add a new routine
    8. Name it something like Open the Garage Door
    9. In "When this happens" select "Voice" and type in the special phrase you want to tell Alexa which will trigger S.C. routine
    10. Under Add action, click the "Custom" item at the top" and type the phrase "Ask SimpleCommands to RoutineName" (for RoutineName put what the name of the routine is you setup in SimpleCommands. For example, if your SC routine is called Open the garage door, you would type --> Ask SimpleCommands to open the garage door
    11. Select the device that will reply saying "Opening Garage Door" since Alexa will need to respond
    12. Save the routine and then test it 
    13. Do the same but to close the garage door
    14. Now, when you speak the command to Alexa, it should open/close your door
  • Side note, the old way was to have Alexa run the "Scene" from SimpleCommands (the routines in SC were seen as scenes in Alexa), since the scenes are not loading in Alexa; you can use the "Custom" function in Alexa Routines to use a special command tell SimpleCommands to run the routine. You can also skip all my steps and just say "Alexa, Ask SimpleCommands to open the garage door" but that seems less fun than saying something like "Alexa, release the war dogs" to open the garage :)

  • James, thanks this all worked. 

  • Any hope for it working with Google Assistant?

  • What happened to WebHook triggers??? Are WebHooks no longer available in SimpleCommands?  Can't find them as a trigger in the web interface, nor Android nor iOS apps...trying to use a WebHook trigger to open my MyQ garage...

  • I couldn’t get the simple commands skill to operate my 3 garage doors following the steps above from Brian. Luckily the kloee for SC Alexa skill still works to operate them and is much easier and straight forward. You don’t have to create routines in the simple commands app or in Alexa. Simply link your account in the simple commands app. For each item:
    1. Enable voice companion
    2. Enable the open and close voice trigger
    3. Name each voice trigger (this is what you will tell Alexa to run)
    4. Click save
    5. Discover scenes in Alexa
    the voice triggers will show up as scenes that you can trigger from Alexa by saying “Run” and then the phrase you gave the voice trigger. I verified the open and close functions with all 3 of my doors. Much simpler implementation with less steps and no routines than either of the instructions above.

  • I forgot to add, make sure in the routine in Simple Commands that you enable Alexa, it's a button at then bottom

  • Anyone have the issue where your Simple Commands request to open your garage door actually opens up the friend’s garage door, which you have guest access to. That’s all it’s doing for us and I have delete the connection and re-established it with no success.

  • Brian it seems the MyQ has thwarted you again so I have given up on SC working to Open and Close my overhead door using Alexa.

  • Are there any instructions for Google Assistant and the control of Myq garage doors?

  • Appears to be broken again. SC can no longer get state of MyQ device and linking SC to MyQ no longer works.

  • Yup can confirm the integration is broken. I sent a support ticket. I'm sure they know about it. FOLKS don't forget these people are doing this for FREE so give them a break ok? Try learning things online instead of crying.

  • Any update as to when the MyQ integration will be fixed in SimpleCommands?  


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