SimpleCommands for Apple Watch

SimpleCommands has a native apple watch app.  This app will automatically be installed on any or all AppleWatches that are paired with your iPhone. 

You can get going with SimpleCommands on your watch with just a few steps.  This article assumes that you already have a SimpleCommands account and have one or more integration(s) installed for things like Home Alarms, Garage Doors, Door Locks and Lights/Switches and outlets.

Step One:
Open SimpleCommands on your Apple Watch.


Step Two:
Initialize SimpleCommands for Apple Watch. If this is your first time using the app or if you have deleted and reinstalled the SimpleCommands app you will need to initiate the Setup from your iPhone.  Otherwise you can update items directly from the watch app whenever you add or modify SimpleCommands Items, Groups, Routines or Favorites.

Step 1:

(First time users will see this screen)


Step 2: On phone app select the gear icon in the upper left then select Manage Apple Watch

(you will see this screen on phone app)


Step 3: Press Enter Code button on watch

(enter code from phone app on watch screen below)


Step 4:

Navigate to an item, group, routine or favorite:


Step 5:

Select any item and pick an action:

IMG_1297.png   IMG_1296.png  IMG_1298.png


Step 6:

If you ever add or delete items, groups, routines or favorites to your SimpleCommands account just select Sync from the upper left of your phone main nav screen and yor phone will be updated in seconds.



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  • It will not sync. I tried restarting my watch. Closing and restarting the phone app. It will not work.

  • Hi:

    There is a bug in the Add Favorite process.  If you add the favorite using the "Add Favorite" button at the bottom of the favorites screen the watch will not recognize it as available to sync.  Until we fix that can you remove your favorites and re-add them by selecting the Heart icon on the bottom of the item/group or routine.  After you do that can you delete and reinstall the app one more time and then try sync.

  • Watch will not sync for me also.

  • Still will not sync after following the instructions above. Really miss the app on the watch.

  • Was able to sync to my Apple Watch after performing above instructions mentioned by Brian. Did require powering off watch as well as adding favorites only via selecting heart icon from all items section, but all my smart lights switches icons (when press on any) stuck on “Getting Status.....“ but never updates, so cannot turn on or off. Same issue with thermostat icon (stuck on Getting Status). Only Garage and Front door icons shows current status (with ability to open/close or lock/unlock).

  • Still not working. Stuck on “ waiting for phone” screen on watch. Followed all steps above. iOS 14 watchOS 7

  • Thank you for working on the Apple Watch, can't wait.  I am also confirming that I can't get the watch to sync, even after following the favorites and reset guidance.  Thanks

  • Hi:

    If you are still having issues syncing on the watch please Submit a Request with your email address that you use with your SimpleCommands account.  We need the email address so we know what account to look at.


  • Hi:

    What Integration are your smart switched from (i.e. Hue, Smartthings, Ring... )?

  • Still having sync issues with Apple Watch.
    Using with MyQ

  • This thing is not working please fix I already had it synced When upgrading to iOS 14 the final version as I had The beta for iOS 14 the whole time everything was fine and working I don’t understand why I cannot use my watch anymore please fix very frustrating


    p.s. I am using smart thing hub

  • Mine Apply Watch sync is not working too. I'm using it to control Garadget.  I'm submitted my email via the "Submit a Request" option as recommended by Brian.  Hopefully this can get fixed.

  • Chuck Ng how did you go with getting Garadget working on apple watch mate ???

  • @condonmassage No joy. Emailed them but haven’t heard from them yet! Still not synching on my Apple Watch - I’ve kind of given up!

  • Hi:

    Sorry for being absent from this thread.  There is a new build being reviewed for the app store now.  Hopefully it will be out in about 24 hours or so.  In the update you will see a new version of setup for the watch app and an entire new model for watch control for SimpleCommands items.  It will sync all supported items to your watch and allow you to control routines, groups, items that are or contain, locks, doors, alarms, lights , switches, outlets and thermostats.  The new version has these two screen for watch setup.  you only need to register the code once and from then on the watch can sync stand-alone from the phone.

    This version also reintroduces a new and improved geo fence model for controlling items, groups and routines.

  • Still can’t use Apple Watch with simple commands. It is at the pre/post sync screen with no way to trigger the done option. Please help. Karen


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