How to control your garage doors through Siri with SimpleCommands

SimpleCommands enables Apple users to control their garage doors (and any other device) via Siri through our Shortcuts triggers. Follow the instructions below to integrate Routines with Siri so you can control your garage doors (and other devices) with just your voice or with a tap of your finger! 


1. Create a SimpleCommands Routine and add a Shortcut Trigger to said Routine. Follow the steps in our Shortcut guide to integrate this Routine with the Shortcuts app.

IMG_6484_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png     IMG_6539_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png

Now you are able to control your garage doors with your voice! To run a shortcut with your voice, say, "Siri, [shortcut name]"! Alternatively, you can execute your Routines through the Shortcuts app with simple tap.



For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can! To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download SimpleCommands!

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