How to control your garage doors through Alexa with SimpleCommands

Please follow the instructions below to enable voice control of your garage doors through Alexa with SimpleCommands:

Step 1: Enable alexa support for SimpleCommands -  Alexa Smart Home Skill (kloee for SC)

Note:  There are two steps to take on the alexa side.  First add the 'kloee for SC skill' and second 'Enable the skill'.  When you enable the skill you may be prompted for your SimpleCommand credentials to link your SimpleCommands account.

Step 2: Select the SimpleCommands items or routines that you wish to use with alexa.



Step 3: Select 'Enable Voice Companion.



Step 4: Enable, edit and save the commands you wish to enable for alexa.



Step 5: Tell 'alexa, discover devices'

Alexa should discover your selected SimpleCommands phrases as Alexa scenes.

IMG_1371.jpeg IMG_1372.jpeg


Step 6:  Execute SimpleCommand via alexa scene

To run a scene with your voice, say, "Alexa, turn on [scene name]", or "Alexa, start [scene name]".

 To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download SimpleCommands!

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  • For months I've used Alexa to open my MyQ garage door opener using the SimpleCommands routine described here. Now it's not working. I've disconnected everything and then when i try to add MyQ to my SimpleCommands, I get an error message that it doesn't recognize my MyQ log in information. Has something changed with MyQ or Simple Commands that is preventing my access?

  • I noticed my doors have been unresponsive over the last few days. After seeing Jim's post, I checked both of my doors, and neither one worked. Maybe Chamberlain finally figured out how to block it?

  • I had the same issue, no response by myq from Alexa. It wasn't working in Simple Commands either. I removed the routines, and also the MyQ connection in Simple Commands. Then I added the connection back using "generic garage door" and not MyQ, created the routines and called them the same as before. Then in Alexa I deleted the garage open and close scenes then ran discovery to add them back. I also removed and added back in the Alexa routine I created, but not if that was needed since it was all named the same, but I did it anyway.

  • We have a solution for you. It seems that Liftmaster has made changes as they drop support for web-access to their products and migrate certain user hubs to a different platform. Our connection labeled ‘myq - Generic Garage Opener' will serve the same purpose as the specialized myq connection. You should delete your myq connection in SimpleCommands and then add the 'Generic Garage Opener' connection in SimpleCommands using your myq credentials. After that you will need to add back your door(s) to any routines that they may have been a part of in SimpleCommands and then you can use it as before inside of SimpleCommands and with alexa or google home.

  • Hi Brian,

    I have a Go Control which is Z-Wave technology. I’m pretty sure IRIS is involved in some way but mine is definitely Go Control brand. When I downloaded the SimpleCommands app and tried to add a “generic garage” it only gave me an option for MyQ. Am I out of luck and won’t have the option to control my garages through Alexa or Google Home?

  • Hi Folks

    I had the same issue, removed the connection from SC as well as the routines. Created with MyQ and the routines. On Alexa side deactivated SC app found scenes and i was back up in running for the last 2 days

  • I'm having the same issue. I removed everything, picked the MyQ generic garage, but it's only syncing one of my garage doors. I have another garage door and a gate that are connected through a MyQ hub. Is there a way to get simplecommands to recognize the door and gate that are connected through the hub?

  • This fix worked for me, thanks.

  • When using the 'Generic Garage Opener' connection, there is nothing populating in the 'execute these actions' menu. Therefore not allowing me to create a routine that actually does anything. This all came about after I needed to change myq password. I've done a complete reset of everything, but the 'action' menu has nothing available to select.

  • The Generic option fixed my issue. Back up and running! Thanks!! I really missed having my door automatically open when I come come.

  • I am having the same problem.

    I've done a complete reset of everything, but the 'action' menu has nothing available to select.

  • This is a really cool feature to control my Chamberlain opener with Alexa .. BUT ... there is no security. So, anyone within vocal range can open my garage door. Over a year ago I requested (via email) a feature request to have Alexa prompt for a pin number to add some security. I was told that it was an excellent idea, and they would be adding it to this function. Here we are, more than a year later, and this security feature has not been added.

    So, I'm making my request again, here, in this venue. If this is not the correct place, please let me know, or move my request to the proper location. Or .. even better .. if you know how to implement a PIN number for this cool function, please publish it for all of us to use.  BTW .. the garage door opener already has a PIN number assigned to it, so it would be great if somehow this function could use the same PIN number which is already assigned to the garage door opener?


  • Forgive me, but I'm new at this. I can't really find any documentation for how to use features within SimpleCommands.

    We have multiple people here where the garage door opener is. So, if I want to use our phones arriving/departing as a trigger for opening/closing the garage door .. how do I specify multiple phones? Please keep in mind that one of us may already be home, or maybe nobody is at home, and I only want the garage door to open/close when we depart/arrive. I have Samsung SmartThings, so maybe I could tie it in somehow with Home Monitoring status?

  • Hugh, just add a pin to the end of your routine call, e.g. "Alexa, open the garage door 1234." Or, make the routine request more unique, e.g. "Alexa, pretty please open the garage door." Even if Alexa could query you for a pin, people would still be able to hear you say it. The pin/unique phrase only protects you from random people guessing/checking if you have your garage door hooked up to Alexa.

  • Mark, I agree that your suggestion would be a simple way to simulate a PIN. When I use Alexa to unlock a Schlage lock I am prompted for the PIN number. Since there are multiple PINs stored in the Lock's memory, the response Alexa receives must match one of the stored PINs. When this feature was first added, there was the same concern you expressed about audible PINs. To enable pins, a checkbox for authorization for PINs along with a warning must be enabled for the unlock feature.

    I am asking for the garage door function to be able to query and open the door based on a challenge by Alexa against the stored PINs in the garage door opener.

  • Anyone else's garage doors stop functioning today? VIA sms I receive a response of "Not possible to execute the command request". And now somehow my cell # is no longer associated with my SC account. 

  • Is there a way to receive a text message when my garage door has been open for more than xx minutes? My Garageio used to do this. I have looked into ITTT, but did not see a solution.

  • HELP. i am completely confused. First when i enable simplecommands via alexa it then attempts to discovery my device. The garage is not discovered. I tried it normally and i tried it hitting learn button (thinking maybe that had to be involved). it doesnt discovery the opener. The opener is on my network, the myq app works fine.

    Within simple commands. there is nothing re generic garage. I go into categories and the only thing garage related is myq garage. No generic. I tried activating this and activating voice commands. Alexa says no garage.

  • @ Joel

    I added, enabled, and linked the Simple Commands skill in the Alexa app first.  Then I went into Simple Commands on my cellphone and chose "Add/Remove Items.  I see mQ - Openers in the list.  That is the one I used for Alexa, and it works great.  I did not enable the voice commands in SC.  In the Alexa app I created separate routines for opening/closing the garage door.  It works great.

  • @Hugh thanks but still no good. When I link simple commands Alexa wants to discover device, it finds nothing.I added the opener within simple commands, that was fine.I skipped SC voice commands  and when i go to create routine in Alexa- there is nothing to control. I enter routine name, then next step is “when this happen” I select voice. And enter phrase open garage. Final step is “add action”. There is no related action I looked under subheading skills and SC doesn’t show .nothing in smart home either. No 


    I noticed that the OP did not mention that you have to create two Routines in SimpleCommands before running the Alexa Device Discovery process.  Otherwise, IMO he did a great job of creating the instructions.

    You will have to create a SimpleCommands Routine for opening the door, and another one for closing the door.  After you create those two Routines, THEN you do Device Discovery with Alexa.  Note, Alexa will not discover the Routines as devices, the Routines will be discovered as Scenes (I know, this sounds confusing.)

    After the Alexa Device Discovery, you can create Routines in Alexa if you want.  I did this because I did not want to use the wonky Alexa voice commands.  To do this, create a Alexa Routine (I'll skip steps to the Add Action section of the Routine):

    For the ADD ACTION, choose:

    1. Smart Home
    2. Control Scene
    3. [Scene Name]  This will be the name of the SimpleCommands Scene which Alexa discovered.  You will not use a device here.
    4. Click Add

    At this point, the Add Action line on your device should Read, "[scene name]" with the word "Scene" under it.  I also added another action to announce that the door is closing so that I know the Alexa Routine is being executed.

    Cool note .. in the Alexa app, if you are going on vacation or something, you can disable the Routine while you are away if you don't want someone else using your Alexa Routine.


    I hope this helps you!

  • Perfect !! Thank you so much 

  • You are welcome. Glad I could help.

  • when i try to add myQ and the app asks for the myQ email and password, when i put it in i get an invalid credentials when i know it's correct.  i've tried deleting simplecommands and reinstalling it on my iPhone 12 and the same thing happens.

  • My alexa myQ integration died too suddenly after so long of flawlessness
    Asks for myQ user and password then tells we it’s invalid when I know it’s valid as the myQ app tells me so

    cant even re add the new myQ connection after deleting it

    so sudden death not sure what’s going on I seen few people caught off guard like this too, serverside issues?

  • I don't know if these problems are related to some other issues support is facing right now.  Here is a response I received from SimpleCommands support on 7/16/2021:

    "Sorry for the troubles.  The myq auth api has changed.  We have the fix working in dev and will have the fix moved to our production servers by Mon/Tues at the latest.

    Thanks for your support and patience."

  • I received the same message from Brian.  I suspect that Liftmaster has blocked SC from the API.  Just my opinion.  

  • Rick,

    I have gone ahead and removed this from my home automation.  I already have an extensive SmartThings implementation and was just using Alexa for voice control of those devices.  So, I found a method for installing QLite in SmartThings and it works perfectly with Alexa.

  • Hugh, does that work with Genie and myQ?  What are QLite and SmartThings.  I'm new to this and not familiar with either.

  • i'm now able to login to myQ and it says connection added successfully but i can't see the list of new items in the myQ connection.  it just takes me back to login.  when i try to enable the connection with alexa it says it's not able to do it at this time.


    what now?


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