What are Triggers?

Triggers 101:

Triggers are a component of Routines that allow you to create a customized reaction when you run a specific action in your smart home (e.g. you can turn off all your outdoor lights by switching off one plug in your kitchen), and they come in three varieties: events, locations and schedules. Schedule triggers are triggered by a time of the day and day of the week, location based routines are triggered by your location, and event triggers are triggered by you taking a specific action in your smart home.

Routines allow users to combine any number of actions (no matter the vendor) and execute these actions automatically based on a specific stimulus (tirgger). Once a Routine is set up it will run automatically every time the stimulus happens, or you can manually execute it from the Routine menu.


Creating a Trigger:

Creating a Trigger is simple! Press the "+ Trigger" button while creating/editing a Routine and select what type of trigger you want. You can then add an option Notification to the Trigger to be notified of the Routine running.



Conditions are a way to limit the days of the week or the time of day in which a Routine can run. This means you can have separate Routines for the workweek vs. the weekend or have Routines that only run when you're home in the evening vs. during the day when you're away. If you want your Routine to be able to run any day of the week there's no need to select any Condition.


For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can! To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download SimpleCommands!


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  • Are WebHooks no longer available in SimpleCommands?  Can't find them as a trigger in the web interface, nor Android nor iOS apps...


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